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Books by Saleel
Books authored, co-authored
Books to which contributed images and information

Books authored, co-authored

1) Birds of Pune 

Published by Kalpavriksha

2) Birds of Western Ghats, Kokan and Malabar (including Birds of Goa) 
Published by Oxford /BNHS for Ela Foundation. 
Co-authored by Dr Satish Pande, Saleel Tambe, Clement Francis, Niranjan Sant.



Books to which contributed images and information

Various books to which Saleel contributed images, information, inputs and record references -

1) Journey through Indias Last Wild Places - Sanjoy Monga,Yuhina Publications.
2) Ducks, geese and Swans of India - Dr Asad Rahmani, Oxford / BNHS publication.
3) Glimpses from Indias Natural World - A.K. Sahay.
4) Birds of Lonavala and Khandala - Ela Foundation.
5) Birds of Madhya Pradesh - Ela Foundation
6) Birds of Bhindawas - Ela Foundation
7) Birds of Sirpur - The Nature Volunteers
8) Protected Animals of India - Sanjay Sondhi, Terrapin
9) Wonders of India - Animals - Terrapin
10) Kidz birds - A unique book with stickers
11) Common Birds of India - Dr Asad Rahmani